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Guangzhou Wanjietong WSTE21 was certified by AEC-Q100 authority 2023-02-16
WSTE21, a home-made vehicle-level chip independently designed and developed by Vientiane, has successfully passed the first-series train certification tests such as environmental stress acceleration verification, life acceleration simulation verification, packaging verification, wafer manufacturing reliability verification, electrical verification, defect screening verification, and has obtained the AEC-Q100 authoritative certification, helping Vientiane expand and innovate in the fields of automotive electronics.
Wan Xietong won the "China Core" for three consecutive times 2023-02-20
On November 17, the "2022 World Integrated Circuit Conference" jointly held by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the People's Government of Anhui Province opened in Hefei, Anhui Province, attracting the attention of the global industry. Zheng Zhajie, Secretary of Anhui Provincial Party Committee, Wang Qingxian, Governor of Anhui Province, Tang Liangzhi, Chairman of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Wang Jiangping, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Liu Hui, Executive Vice Governor, Yu Aihua, Secretary of Hefei Municipal Party Committee, and other national and provincial leaders attended the event, and many famous experts and scholars, multinational enterprises and well-known universities gathered at home and abroad.
Wanjietong was selected as "Guangzhou Future Unicorn Innovation Enterprise" in 2022 2023-02-20
On November 28, the Guangzhou Association of Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises released the "Selection Results of the 2022" Unicorn "Innovation Enterprise List in Guangzhou", and Guangzhou Wanjietong Information Technology Co., Ltd. was selected as the "Unicorn Innovation Enterprise in the Future in Guangzhou" and "Guangzhou Advanced and Advanced Enterprise".
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