Guangzhou Wanjietong WSTE21 was certified by AEC-Q100 authority

WSTE21, a home-made vehicle-level chip independently designed and developed by Vientiane, has successfully passed the first-series train certification tests such as environmental stress acceleration verification, life acceleration simulation verification, packaging verification, wafer manufacturing reliability verification, electrical verification, defect screening verification, and has obtained the AEC-Q100 authoritative certification, helping Vientiane expand and innovate in the fields of automotive electronics.

AEC-Q100 is a standard specification for reliability testing developed and implemented for automotive applications, automotive parts, and automotive on-board electronics. It strictly confirms the quality and reliability of each chip case, with the purpose of establishing quality management control standards and improving the stability and standardization of on-board electronics.


With the vigorous development of new energy vehicles and the full start of domestic substitution, the demand for automotive electronics has increased rapidly. Safety has become an eternal topic of automobile, and automobile chips that meet the requirements of functional safety and information safety are the cornerstone of supporting automobile safety. The WSTE21 vehicle-level security chip has excellent performance and strong security design. The chip has built-in hardware algorithm coprocessor with high security characteristics, supports the national security and international security algorithms, and has the national security level II and EAL4+security qualifications. At the same time, it can also provide complete solutions for domestic automobile safety and vehicle network communication safety, and many vehicle network and vehicle manufacturers have developed and tried the solutions.


Accelerate industrial upgrading with scientific and technological innovation. Relying on the industry's advanced chip design, R&D and production capacity, Wanjietong has achieved strategic layout in the process of localization and replacement of car-grade chips, transformed the core technical achievements of academician workstations, and realized productization in the field of home-made replacement of car-grade chips and intelligent networked automobile, and created a domestic automotive electronics industry cluster.


Wanjieton will further cooperate with the automobile industry chain and innovation alliance, jointly promote the advantages of domestic automobile chips in the overall industry chain with ecological partners, promote the high-quality innovative development of China's automobile chip industry, and realize the localization and localization of automobile chips.


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