Wanjietong was selected as "Guangzhou Future Unicorn Innovation Enterprise" in 2022

On November 28, the Guangzhou Association of Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises released the "Selection Results of the 2022" Unicorn "Innovation Enterprise List in Guangzhou", and Guangzhou Wanjietong Information Technology Co., Ltd. was selected as the "Unicorn Innovation Enterprise in the Future in Guangzhou" and "Guangzhou Advanced and Advanced Enterprise".



As an innovative enterprise with the upstream basic support in the field of information security, Wanjietong has always regarded technological innovation as an important development strategy of the company, and has continuously laid out a new ecosystem of integrated circuit design and development; With self-designed chip products as the core, combined with the application innovation of contemporary information technology, it has provided many chip-level solutions with high security, high performance and high reliability for many industries across the country, such as video, security, finance, communications, automotive electronics, electric energy, etc., and has won high praise and affirmation from customers.

Wanjietong has been actively promoting the innovation and integration of the integrated circuit industry. Based on the advantages of its own team of academicians and experts, high-performance chip products and leading technologies, starting from working with partners to open up the upstream and downstream industrial chain, through market application feedback to optimize the core products, improve the performance and upgrade iteratively, in order to complement the shortcomings of the information security industry, and build a complete state-owned independent technology system and digital economy industrial system.

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