Guangzhou Wanxie Tong Joins Hands with Guangzhou Telecom to Establish a Video IoT Security Joint Laboratory

On March 29, 2023, Guangzhou Wanxie Tong and Guangzhou Telecom Science and Technology Innovation Alliance jointly established the Video IoT Security Joint Laboratory.


Gao Hongchao, the general manager of Guangzhou Telecom, led the delegation to participate in the unveiling ceremony of the video IOT security joint laboratory with Sun Yu, the chief scientist of Guangzhou Wanxietong and academician of the CAE Member, Zhao Zhongming, the chairman of Guangzhou Wanxietong, and other leaders. The establishment of the joint laboratory means that Guangzhou Wanxie Tong and Guangzhou Telecom have jointly promoted the development and industrialization of core technology products in the field of video IoT security. It is also an important breakthrough for Wanxie Tong in terms of technological innovation, technological research and development, and achievement transformation.

Mr. Gao stated that the Guangzhou Telecom Science and Technology Innovation Commission and the Joint Laboratory attach great importance to the cooperation between the two parties. They hope that through the strong scientific research team led by Academician Sun Yu and the advantages of China Telecom Cloud Network, they can jointly promote the construction of a domestic security video system, create technical and industry standards, arrange in advance, and truly build new advantages in the field of telecommunications video and security based on scenarios and customer needs.
    Academician Sun Yu reviewed his deep ties with the postal and telecommunications systems and China Telecom, shared cutting-edge communication technologies, affirmed the operational model of the joint laboratory, and expressed his expectation that the laboratory will focus on industry needs, accelerate research and development, and enhance its own research capabilities in the future, promoting the large-scale application of the national security video system.


In the process of digital driven transformation and transformation in China, facing increasingly prominent data security threats and risks, as a leading enterprise in the field of information security segmentation, Guangzhou Wanxie Tong will adhere to innovation leadership, continuously improve its technology and service capabilities, leverage its core advantages, and accelerate the provision of more professional security protection products and services in video IoT devices and applications, in order to build a solid digital security barrier and maintain information security.

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