Wan Xietong received special support from the

 The central guidance of local science and technology development funds aims to support local governments in implementing science and technology reform and development policies, promoting scientific and technological progress, promoting the implementation of innovation driven development strategies by local governments, and vigorously improving the regional science and technology innovation environment and capabilities. Guangzhou Wanxie Tong has received special support for technological development and is highly recognized by the national and local governments.


           As an upstream supporting enterprise with R&D strength as its core competitiveness, adhering to the autonomy and controllability of key core technologies is a strategic ability to drive innovation and achieve self-reliance and self-reliance for the enterprise. Wanxie Tong attaches great importance to independent innovation and industrial application. So far, a series of products and chip level solutions centered on Wanxie Tong chip technology have been applied in multiple industries, covering fields such as video security, automotive electronics, 5G communication, industrial interconnection, and accelerating the process of China's technological reform.
     This time, Wanxie Tong has received special support for technological development, which is also a high recognition of Wanxie Tong's technological strength and innovative achievements by the national and local governments, creating favorable conditions for the company to further enhance its market competitiveness in the field of integrated circuit design. Wanxie Tong will continue to closely follow the development trend of the digital economy, become a driving force for technological reform and development, accelerate technological breakthroughs and product iterations, support digital transformation and upgrading in more industries, and work together with excellent partners in various industries to build a community of technological innovation.

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