Wan Xietong participated in the preparation of the standard

 Recently, the project was approved by the China Society of Automotive Engineering and proposed by the China Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Alliance. The "Technical Requirements for Information Security of Vehicle Road Collaborative Roadside Infrastructure" standard, jointly developed by 22 units including Beijing Chewang Technology Development Co., Ltd. and SAIC (Beijing) Intelligent Connected Vehicle Research Institute Co., Ltd., has entered the stage of soliciting opinions. Guangzhou Wanxie Tong has participated in the preparation of this standard.



    The standard specifies the information security technology requirements for the roadside infrastructure of the vehicle road collaborative system, based on cryptographic technology, data governance technology, etc., and clarifies the security management of the roadside infrastructure of the vehicle road collaborative system from the perspectives of general security, communication network security, software upgrade security, data security, etc.

With the largescale development and deployment of intelligent and networked roadside infrastructure, its information and data security issues have also become increasingly severe. As one of the member enterprises formulating the "Technical Requirements for Information Security of Vehicle Road Collaborative Roadside Infrastructure" standard, Guangzhou Wanxie Tong not only specializes in the research and development of security encryption chips and services, but also has a deep and comprehensive application of encryption chips in various industries, Moreover, we have rich experience in security solutions, combined with the practice of intelligent connected vehicles gathering and landing, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of roadside infrastructure.

As the backbone of the domestic information security industry, Wanxie Tong will actively participate in the formulation of national or industry standards and strive to promote industrial innovation and development. In the future, Wanxie Tong will continue to focus on conducting research on encryption chip technology, making key improvements in security and core performance, empowering the field of intelligent connected vehicles in China, and providing security support for the construction of smart roads.

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