Wanxie Tong has been certified as an intellectual property management system

Guangzhou Wanxie Tong has completed the certification of the national standard "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standards" (GB/T29490-2013) and obtained the certificate of intellectual property management system certification. Indicating the recognition of the national intellectual property regulatory authority for the company's independent innovation capability and intellectual property work construction.


As a high-tech enterprise with technological innovation as its core competitiveness, Wanxie Tong has always adhered to independent innovation in key technologies, continuously established a standardized and complete intellectual property management system, and promoted the application and transformation of intellectual property technology achievements. The company's independent core technology chips and security solutions have been applied and implemented in fields such as the Internet of Vehicles, 5G communication, video security, and industrial internet, helping various industries achieve digital transformation and upgrading. While adhering to innovative development, Wanxie Tong will also continuously improve the efficiency and competitive advantage of intellectual property utilization, supporting the self-reliance and high-quality development of China's integrated circuit industry.

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