A delegation led by GAC Research Institute visited Guangzhou Wanxietong for investigation

On March 4, 2022, Liang Weiqiang, the assistant president of GAC Research Institute, and his delegation visited the Guangzhou headquarters of Wanjietong for visit and exchange. The chief scientist of Wanjietong, academician Sun Yu, the head of academician workstation, Zhao Zhongming, the chairman of the board, Wang Liyu, the general manager, and the heads of relevant departments warmly received and exchanged views.

Liang Weiqiang and his delegation from GAC Research Institute visited the company's exhibition hall and chip laboratory. Zhao Zhongming, the chairman of the company, introduced the company's development process and the establishment of academician workstation.

At the symposium, Wang Liyu, the general manager of the company, introduced the company's business, technology and products in detail, Li Jiajie, the head of the electric control development department of GAC Research Institute, introduced the general situation of GAC Research Institute, and the leaders of the two sides exchanged views on the current localization rate of vehicle-grade chips and the new supply and demand opportunities to realize localization substitution. Zhao Zhongming, chairman of Wanjietong, said that it would give full play to the chip design advantages of Wanjietong Academician Workstation, combine the company's capacity platform and product resources, and help GAC Research Institute to control the localization and supply of key automotive chips, and improve the localization proportion of vehicle chips; Liang Weiqiang of GAC Research Institute said that the two sides should strengthen cooperation in technology and industrial chain integration in the fields of application, production and productization of car scale chips, and constantly explore new areas of cooperation.

In the future, Guangzhou Wanxietong and GAC Research Institute will jointly tackle key technologies, strengthen the transformation of achievements, jointly promote the supply guarantee scheme of automobile chips, and help the development of intelligent Internet in China's automobile field in the innovative frontier technology fields such as satellite communication's Internet of Vehicles system, vehicle-mounted local area network, and automobile network sensor.

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