Guangzhou Vientiane security chip, "digital currency" security guarantee

The central bank's digital currency has been prepared for nearly five years. Its functions and properties are similar to those of paper money, but its shape is digital. At present, the central bank's digital currency has been tested internally in some banks. The launch of digital currency is a milestone in currency reform. The promotion and implementation of digital currency will lead China's finance to officially enter the "digital era". In this process, the protection of digital information security is a key proposition. As a core enterprise in the field of domestic security chips, Guangzhou Wanjieton has a leading market share in security, finance and e-government, such as video surveillance, electronic seal, financial U shield, tax control KEY, and always protects the security of user information and property.


The Guomi eSIM chip launched by Guangzhou Vientiane can fully meet the requirements of convenience and security for digital currency applications. Guangzhou Wanjieton's National Secret eSIM chip has passed the "National Secret Second-Level Security Authentication", "UnionPay Chip Security Authentication" and "EAL5+Security Authentication" of the State Administration of Commercial Passwords, which can realize the financial level security storage of sensitive information such as keys and digital currency. The eSIM chip of Guomi has a built-in mobile terminal, which is simple and easy to use. NFC can realize access communication and payment, and interact with mobile APP through SWP. The eSIM chip of Guomi is easy to install and take, and users can switch between different mobile terminals. The National Secret eSIM chip can be integrated with the digital currency payment application to form the National Secret eSIM chip digital currency wallet, which breaks through the "wallet" that only exists in the form of application software at present, encrypts the storage from the chip layer, and realizes the "digital asset security storage" and "identity security authentication" at the same time, which is more secure and convenient.

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