Stream encryption chip enables "new infrastructure", and Wanjieton contributes scientific and technological strength

 China, honed by the fight against the epidemic, is ushering in the upsurge of resuming work and production, and its economic and social development is increasingly showing vitality. At the recent meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, it was proposed to further accelerate the promotion of "new infrastructure" represented by 5G, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet, which can not only mitigate the negative impact of the epidemic on the economy, but also promote reform and innovation, cultivate new drivers of development, and have a huge role in promoting the high-quality development of China's economy.

 Vientiane focuses on stream encryption chip design; 10  In, a series of stream encryption chip products were launched in recent years, which have the function of security encryption and on-chip storage, provide data stream encryption, secure storage, ensure safe operation and secure connection, and can provide complete protection for terminal equipment from the hardware level, build a security tunnel and provide security services for safe city, industrial Internet, Internet of Things and other fields, such as the core product of high-speed stream encryption chip A12, Meet the requirements of "new infrastructure" for high security, high performance and high reliability of the Internet of Things, support international and national secret algorithms, and have EAL4+and national secret level II qualifications, and can provide high security protection mechanism for security and Internet of Things terminals& nbsp; Its high-speed interface can better support  5G, Internet of Vehicles demand; Its high-speed algorithm engine and industrial-grade performance can support high-performance industrial Internet of Things requirements.

 In recent years, the company has actively expanded its application fields, from video encryption, electronic seal, electronic port shield, M2M card, to tax control KEY, financial U shield, eSIM, industrial Internet of Things endogenous security module and other fields to enter the forefront of the market. And, 2017  Since, Guangzhou Wanxietong has focused on the field of Internet of Things, and developed a number of intelligent security module solutions in the fields of safe city, smart home, industrial Internet, 5G, new energy vehicle charging pile, etc., forming a unique competitiveness in the market tempering and cultivating a very potential development space. Guangzhou Wanxie Tonggan is the "builder" of the era, expecting to exert the "core" power, and cooperate with the upstream and downstream industries to jointly drive technological innovation, lay a "runway" for the development of digital economy, and boost China's economy to take off again.

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