Guangzhou Wanxietong completed a new round of financing of 65 million yuan

Guangzhou Wanjietong Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) recently completed a new round of financing, with the financing amount of 65 million yuan. This round of financing is led by Guangdong Advanced Manufacturing Industry Investment Fund ①, followed by Guangzhou Baiyun Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. ②, Guangdong Deqin Asset Management Co., Ltd. and other well-known investors. The financing funds will be used to replenish the product inventory to meet the market demand of oversupply, and to invest in the research and development of a new generation of Internet of Things chip platform.

The company moved its headquarters to Guangzhou in 2019. As a security encryption chip design enterprise introduced by Baiyun District of Guangzhou, the company will invest no less than 1 billion yuan in the information security module of video surveillance, industrial Internet of Things, automotive electronics and other industries to build and lead the integrated circuit information security industry cluster in the next five years with the support of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City and Baiyun District. 

This financing will greatly improve the company's product research and development capabilities and service capabilities. We will continue to refresh our technological leadership and take the forefront of smart security chip technology with high-performance chip products and high-quality services.

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