Wanjieton launched a secure MCU chip suitable for smart home applications

On March 29, the "2017 SCA Smart Home Information Security Forum" was grandly held in Shanghai. Mr. Wang Liyu, General Manager of Beijing Wanxietong Information Technology Co., Ltd., analyzed the hidden dangers and characteristics of smart home information security at the forum, and shared the company's newly launched 55nm process security MCU product and the integrated solution for smart home information security based on this product. Once the solution was launched, it attracted wide attention of the participants.


In the past few decades, home/appliance equipment has gone through the development stages of computerization, program-controlled and networking. The networked home/home appliance equipment has formed a huge Internet of Things with information interaction. While providing users with humanized services, they also begin to face information security risks. Mr. Wang Liyu pointed out that "the problem of information security in smart home is more hidden and the harm is far-reaching. Fortunately, manufacturers in the field of smart home have realized the importance of information security and started to take some measures. "

Network information security is an important part of the national development strategy. Self-control of information security chips and products is the top priority to ensure China's information security. The security chip using the national commercial cryptographic algorithm has become the basis for building an autonomous and controllable security system. The chip implemented by hardware has a unique ID, can realize secure storage, and has the characteristics of anti-cloning. These are the technical basis for realizing the management of trusted electronic identity certificates, The built-in chip can realize the security management of various terminals in the smart home. At the same time, because the introduction of two-way authentication and encryption technology can achieve end-to-end secure communication, as well as the security technology management and data confidentiality of the connected objects, the security cloud integration scheme can be finally built. " With many years of technical accumulation in the field of information security, Vientiane launched the industry's first 55nm process security MCU chip to meet the autonomous and controllable security application requirements of smart home/home appliances. "Mr. Wang Liyu said," Based on the security MCU, we can build a smart home information security solution that integrates equipment, connection and cloud to deal with the security risks in the life of the Internet of Things. ". This series of chips integrates WLAN, Bluetooth and other wireless access technologies to provide customers with a cost-effective overall solution. Smart home has entered a stage of rapid development. Wanjitong is willing to work with all sectors of the industry to promote the independent and controllable information security of smart home, and realize the upgrading and value enhancement of smart home appliances.


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