Universal security MCU chip is listed in the national secret tax control UKey

In October 2019, the State Administration of Taxation announced that the WI32U320 chip of Beijing Wanjietong Information Technology Co., Ltd. had successfully passed the test of the State Security Bureau and the General Staff, and was shortlisted for the tax-controlled UKEY chip sequence.

The security MCU series chips of Wanjietong Information Technology Co., Ltd. have high integration (BOM cost is the best), both high security and low power consumption, and have a full range of security algorithms and interfaces, which are applied to tax control UKEY for tax declaration, and can solve the capacity storage problem of offline invoicing. In addition, the added clock function can be embedded with a security clock chip to solve the possible problems of time fraud in tax declaration, making tax invoicing safer and faster, and contributing to the development of the golden tax project.


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