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        With the implementation of Ping'an City, Xueliang Project and other projects, the construction scale of video monitoring system is expanding day by day. The camera monitoring equipment that can be seen everywhere makes people both safe and worried, and the global camera security incidents occur frequently.

        Based on self-developed encryption chip, password module, encryption TF card, P-type password card, PCIe password card, security Ukey and other products, Wunited meets the full-chain encryption and decryption functions of security cameras, AI cameras, binocular cameras, panoramic cameras, NVR, security gateway, platform servers and other security products, effectively preventing illegal replacement of equipment, illegal access to remote control, illegal acquisition, deletion Security risks such as tampering with video data;

       For many years, Wunited has focused on the field of video security, and is an important supplier of more than 40 well-known security manufacturers in China. Through the joint commissioning and test of more than 400 products, it meets the application of IPC, NVR, security gateway and platform server of various platform systems. Support COS customization and online update and upgrade of COS. It conforms to the national standard GB35114-A/B/C level standard, and supports the Ministry of Public Security key system access network certification.

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