Application of central bank digital currency


      Based on the WSTE20 chip digital RMB solution, Wunited enables the digital economy and provides a complete solution for the financial industry.

      The Wunited digital RMB solution deeply optimizes the algorithm in terms of transaction speed to improve the performance of offline transactions, and "touch" can be used to complete flash payment; In terms of security protection, it has passed the China UnionPay chip security certification, and the level of security protection is first-class in the industry, which can ensure the security of the whole process of sensitive information transmission and transaction; In terms of reliability, the user space is large, the number of erasures is up to 500000, and the data retention time is up to 25 years, which can provide long-term and lasting product services to the maximum extent. At the same time, the scheme supports international and national secret algorithms, adopts memory encryption storage, bus encryption storage and other technologies, and establishes a set of reliable security mechanism to ensure safe storage, safe operation and safe connection in all aspects, which conforms to the high standard and strict requirements of digital RMB hardware wallet for transaction, security and reliability。

       Wunited provides the industry with a full range of services covering hardware chips, system software platforms and application solutions. In the future, it will explore the digital application needs of chips in more fields and a wider range, continue to empower the innovation and development of the financial industry, and help China's digital economy develop vigorously.

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