Intelligent Connected Vehicle Application


        Wan Xietong and Academician Sun Yu of the Chinese Academy of Engineering jointly established a provincial academician workstation. The company, with its rich technical reserves and independent innovation hard strength, focuses on the localization of automotive electronic chips and intelligent networked vehicles.

        Localization of automobile electronic chips: launch chips for motion and tire pressure sensors, millimeter wave radar and wireless communications, and laser radar satellite communications, and realize the localization replacement of automobile electronic chips with independent and controllable core technology to make intelligent travel safer.

        Intelligent networked vehicle: The hardware-level solution based on security chip has been successfully introduced to many domestic and foreign first-tier vehicle enterprises. In V2X OBU, elastic wave, TBOX, gateway, vehicle-level eSIM, digital car key, highway ETC OBU and other fields can be loaded, which can build a trusted application environment integrating information security, payment security, communication security and identity authentication security for networked vehicles.

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