Guangzhou Wanjietong Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, a leader in the domestic integrated circuit industry cluster, a professional integrated circuit design enterprise, serving thousands of industries to provide chip-level solutions. The company has R&D centers in Guangzhou and Beijing, marketing service centers, and academician workstations in Guangdong Province. Wanjieton has become one of the largest integrated circuit design enterprises in China, and its technical level, core personnel and profitability are in a leading position. 

        The company is innovation-oriented, adheres to the independent and controllable core technology, and provides intelligent security chips, 5G super SIM chips, high-speed signal relay chips and other products and full-stack solutions to address the application and security needs of various industries in the field of intelligent security. At present, the company's main products have been widely used in the fields of video security, 5G communication, intelligent networked vehicles, cloud computing, industrial Internet, etc.

Academician workstation Academician station
Guangzhou Wanxietong Academician Workstation was jointly established by famous communication technology experts, CAE Member, and Academician Sun Yu, chief expert and researcher of the 54th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group. Carry out joint research around the major key technical problems that need to be solved in the development of the intelligent connected vehicle industry, and tackle the key and common technologies of the industry, so as to promote the transformation and
Honorary qualifications
In 2020, it won the 15th China Core Fire Emerging Product Award
In 2021, it won the 16th China Core Fire Emerging Product Award
In 2022, it won the title of the 17th "China Core" excellent technological innovation product
Corporate culture
  • mission
    Committed to building a sustainable and harmonious society with interconnected everything, connecting everything with wisdom and protecting information security
  • vision
    Make data and connections more secure
  • sense of worth
    Work together and prosper
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